4/6/20 Church Service Update

Church Service Update:
Monday 4/6/20

Paul, in writing to the believers in Philippi, writes a thank-you note for their help in his hour of need. I want to thank you, Erie Shores, for your faithfulness to the Lord, to each other, to my family and to the church.

We continue to take this situation one day at a time, making supplication unto the Lord with thanksgiving, knowing that He remains in control of ALL things and that ALL things are working together for good to those who love God, who are the called according to His purpose. When you look at what is going on through the lens of God’s Word, how can you not help but be thankful.

I trust that you are taking this time to delve deeper into God’s Word with your family and in your own time; being drawn to your knees in prayer for each other and for the lost. As I write this, I recall our corporate time of placing before the Lord the names of people whom we will pray for their salvation, believing that they will come to Christ in the month of May. What we see taking place is not a coincidence, it is the work of the Master Planner, Jesus Christ. So, be encouraged and build up your faith!

As far as updating our situation as a church, we have made a decision to begin having Sunday morning services in the church parking lot beginning this Easter Sunday! We will be having communion together, however, I request that you bring the emblems with you. The church will not provide them for you.

This service will start at 9:30. You will remain in your car and we will park in a way that all can view the platform, which will be near the garage. The service is beginning at 9:30 because of our children’s ministry being online-live at 10:45. The two cannot run at the same time.

It is my prayer and goal to be back in the sanctuary May 3rd for a time of celebration in the presence of our King! Pray for this Sunday’s service. Pray for those listening to the devotions, music, and sermons online. We are receiving great feedback as well as many inquiries from people within our community.

We will continue with what we are doing online. We had an awesome time this past Sunday night as we studied the Word together online. If you haven’t taken advantage of that, you need to. I also encourage you to subscribe to our You Tube channel, it is free and you will notified when anything new has been posted.
Have a very blessed week in Christ!

Thank you again for your faithfulness!
Pastor Harry